MR out-spends Maithri 12-1 in Election advertising

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Mahinda Rajapaksa re-election campaign is spending  100 million LKR worth of air-time per channel to Maithri’s 8 million LKR per channel according to a report on DailyFT.    “Opposition strategists explain that when the Opposition places Rs. 8 million on advertising on a particular channel on a specific night, the incumbent campaign outmatches the sum by miles, by ordering Rs. 100 million worth of airtime on the same channel.” writes Dharisha Bastians, the well-known columnist for the paper.  

According to sources in the advertising industry, there are multiple campaigns run by leading advertising agencies in Colombo for President Rajapaksa, with the opposition depending on a freelance operation by an acclaimed advertising personality.

President Rajapaksa’s superior spending power is complimented by the use of state-machinery in the election operations that’s used to ferry around people for rally’s, state-media and use of tax-payer funded public officials in propaganda activities.


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