An Opportunity for a fresh Foreign Policy : Dhanapala

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The election of President Maithripala Sirisena in a peaceful democratic process is a welcome opportunity to forge afresh a coherent,consistent and balanced foreign policy based on the permanent national interests of Sri Lanka and executed with professional competence.

Sri Lanka can now return to its traditional non-aligned foreign policy maintaining friendly relations with its Asian neighbours, especially with India with whom we have been closely linked through geo-politics, history and culture. Asia is the new centre of gravity in global political and economic relations and Sri Lanka can develop her economic potential with even-handed and mutually beneficial ties with India, China, Pakistan, Japan and the ASEAN countries using its strategic location. At the same time important economic partners in trade, investment and tourism remain in the West with whom we have had longstanding ties thorough the Commonwealth, the United Nations and other multilateral organisations working together for international peace and security.

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